Specialised Printing Effects and Finishes


For a further impact with your printing, we can use specialist in house equipment to apply a permanent fixing together of 2, 3 or even more boards if you feel a creative urge (can be different colours or brands), which is often used for amazing results creating high impact business cards and invitations in particular. The sheets can be printed on the 2 outer sides, with any combination of finishes – foiling / embossing or debossing are very popular and always look superb.



The application of a metallic foil past the reach of litho printing, to paper or more commonly boards such as brochure covers, invitations or business cards. Gold and silver foils are the most usual colours chosen, however there is an extensive range available for bespoke finishes.



The creation of a raised area away from the flat surface of the sheet, resulting in a physically tactile, stylish image. In reverse the image can be lowered, termed ‘debossing’. If the embossing is to an area of plain paper (eg not a logo or company name) then this is termed as ‘blind embossing’. The most popular applications can be found on brochures, business cards, and invitations.


Similar to embossing in that the image is raised from the sheet, with the difference being that this method raises the lettering by applying a powder to the wet ink and then toasting it to the perfect finish, resulting in an elegant, old fashioned feel and look.